Three Men Went To Mow

Comedy series by Paul Marshall.


0101A Grass Odyssey2002082320031028

Danny, Alec and Jack are employed by the council to cut grass and trim hedges.

But what they actually do is another matter.

0102Wild, Wild Life2002083020031104

Alec decides that Jack should learn some real gardening skills.

Meanwhile, Danny is doggy-sitting, with disastrous results.

0103Scooby Dooby Don't2002090620031111

Danny and Jack discover a dark secret in the bowls club.

Alec courts disaster as he judges a marrow competition.

0104It Shouldn't Happen To A Gardener2002091320031118

McIntyre and Alec are doing their annual audit - will everything be up to scratch? And Danny's ex-girlfriend Stacy is back in town.

Danny still hasn't gotten over being dumped by her and is humiliated to admit that while she's now running her own PR company - he's still doing the same dead-end job.

0203Blackfriars Bobby20031212

As the football season arrives, Danny has to paint the white lines on the pitch.

However, there is a slight problem.

0204 LASTThe Big Race20031219

By Paul Marshall.

Mr MacIntyre has been training Jack for the regional Lawnmowing Championships - a contest they have lost for the past 15 years.

With insider knowledge Danny persuades the local pensioners to take bets for the winner - but will it be Jack and does Danny stand to lose a fortune?