Three Men On A Plane

Mavis Cheek's four-part dramatisation of her novel.

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01Pamela Says Goodbye, And Possibly Hello...2001111920020408

To cheer Pamela up after her son leaves home, her neighbour Peaches tries matchmaking at a barbecue.

02Which Casket? Which Prince?2001112620020415

Much to Pamela's surprise and cautious delight, her three ex-lovers make contact now she is single again.

03Three Men They Will A-wooing Go...2001120320020422

Pamela decides to accept dinner invitations from her ex-husband and ex-lover.

04 LASTThree Not So Wise Men Traverse Afar2001121020020429

Pamela's three ex-lovers have all invited her to Dublin for Christmas.

Whose invitation will she accept?