Three Men In A Battleship The Royal Oak Courts-martial Of 1928

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700703]by LESLIE GARDINER with Duncan Carse|Out of a few ill-considered remarks from an Admiral to a bandmaster at a ship's ball in Malta grew a succession of events which rocked the Mediterranean Fleet from stem to stern. with the voices of SEAN ARNOLD ESMOND RIDEOUT , MALCOLM HAYES FREDERICK TREVES|GODFREY KENTON , PETER TUDDENHAM CLIFFORD NORGATE NORMAN TYRRELL|Produced by BRIAN MILLER|Above: Rear-Admiral Collard arriving for the court-martial


Unknown: Leslie Gardiner|Unknown: Sean Arnold|Unknown: Esmond Rideout|Unknown: Malcolm Hayes|Unknown: Frederick Treves|Unknown: Godfrey Kenton|Unknown: Peter Tuddenham|Unknown: Clifford Norgate|Unknown: Norman Tyrrell