A Thousand Days In Venice - An Unexpected Romance



Marlena, a food journalist and cook from Missouri, is up to her knees in middle-age and wouldn't even dream that a trip to Venice could transform her life.

So how does she end up with a Venetian in her bed?

  • captain....massimo marinoni
  • consul....benedetta ferraro
  • don silvano....giancarlo ciccone
  • dramatised by - Penny Leicester
  • erich....martin t sherman
  • fernando....angelo cola
  • la direttrice....lara parmiani
  • lisa....Laurel Lefkow
  • marlena....lorelei king
  • misha....Philip Fox
  • sophie....liza ross
  • by.... - marlena de blasi
  • directed by.... - carol bayne

  • 0220050510

    Fernando, the blueberry-eyed stranger from Venice, has followed Marlena back to the States, and their romance blossoms.

    Her two children, however, remain unconvinced and are shocked by Marlena's sudden announcement.


    Marlena starts to settle into domesticity with the stranger and attempts to transform his bachelor pad.

    Misha, Marlena's RUSSIAn friend, keeps tabs on the situation via phone.

    He's convinced she's made a terrible mistake.


    Fernando is anxious to marry Marlena as soon as possible and uses his best cunning, furbizia innocente, to get the cogs of Venetian bureaucracy into motion.

    However on the night before the wedding he suffers a crisis of conscience.

    05 LAST20050513

    It's the wedding day at last, and despite a few mishaps Marlena makes it to the church almost on time.

    However, just as they're settling into married life Fernando drops a bombshell.