Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch

Readings from the classic 1949 collection of supernatural short stories by Scottish author Dorothy K Haynes.

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20150615 (BBC7)
20150616 (BBC7)

"Katherine felt tired and cold.

It was only nine o'clock.

The dentist entered silently..." Read by Tamara Kennedy

An eerie journey on the way home from the dentist.

An eerie journey on the way home from the dentist. A short story from Dorothy K Haynes' 1949 collection. Read by Tamara Kennedy.

AR02The Gay Goshawk2004121420061022

On reaching the safety of his castle, a knight finds the occupants are not human.

Read by Finlay Welsh.

A wounded knight struggles to reach the safety of his home.

But the castle only has two remaining occupants, and neither is human.

AR03Pentecost, A Flashback2004121520061029

A prayer meeting in wartime Glasgow is rudely interrupted, and the life of the hall caretaker is changed forever.

Read by Tamara Kennedy.

AR04The Memory2004121620061105

"My father said to me, 'Bessie, there's a man being hanged in the street...'." Read by Tamara Kennedy.

AR05 LASTWindfall2004121720061112

A young woman opens the door of her house to a curious and persistent visitor.

Read by Mark McDonnell.