Thorndyke - Forensic Investigator

Six short stories chronicling the adventures of R Austin Freeman's literary crime solver - forensic investigator Dr Thorndyke. Read by Jim Norton, the producer was John Taylor.

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01A Mysterious Visitor2011112220111123

The detective and his former student Jardine investigate the mystery of a man found dead in a beach hut.

02The Puzzle Lock2011112320111124

The detective tackles a mysterious problem - a strong-room lock with a fatal combination.

03A Mystery Of The Sand Hills2011112420111125

The detective investigates the case of a missing swimmer, and discovers a devious and gruesome crime.

04Pathologist To The Rescue2011112520111126

A young man is accused of murder, but the crime scene compels the detective to look for another culprit.

05The Secret Of The Urn2011112820111129

A man's death piques the detective's curiousity, but is it suicide, murder, or something much stranger?

06Pandora's Box2011112920111130

When a travelling salesman's box reveals a ghastly secret, the detective must prove him innocent of murder.