Thomas Arne



Lucie Skeaping looks at the life and music of one of England's most misunderstood composers - Dr.

Thomas Arne.

Considered as one of the most creative tunesmiths of his day, Arne's fame never really reached its true potential during his lifetime.

His operas were largely overshadowed by those of Handel, and his other works barely even considered.

His Catholic faith held him back from Royal patronage, and his belligerent nature caused squabble after squabble with fellow musicians and collaborators.

Arne's fame rests today on Rule Britannia, from his masque "Alfred", but with 100 or so stage works to his name, as well as chamber music, orchestral pieces and some exquisite songs, there's more to Arne than the Last Night of the Proms!

Lucie Skeaping looks at the life and music of composer Thomas Arne.