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From Our Own Correspondent20110801

Alan Johnston introduces personal insights and analysis from correspondents around the world.

In this edition, Peter Svaar reflects on what happened to the Anders Behring Breivik he once knew at school, while Hugh Thomson asks what Peru's newly inaugurated President will be able to offer the country's poor.

Crossing the path of a killer - twice

Countless words have been said or written about what happened in Norway.

But still we struggle to understand the man who set off the bomb in Oslo, and then murdered so many more on Utoya island.

What shaped the mind of Anders Behring Breivik? More than most of us, Peter Svaar would like to know the answer to that question.

He was one of the first reporters on the scene of the bomb, and for him everything that's happened feels especially close to home.

Political pinball in Peru

The former army officer, Ollanta Humala was sworn in as Peru's new president on just a few days ago.

It might seem like a good moment to rise to power: the country is largely at peace, and prospering economically.

But all the same, the relatively inexperienced Ollanta Humala will face some major challenges.

As Hugh Thomson explains, fullfilling the dreams of those who put him in the presidential palace won't be easy.

Alan Johnston with personal insights from Peter Svaar in Norway and Hugh Thomson in Peru.