Thirty Years Man And Boy - A Calmer Chameleon



Actor, Spandau Ballet front man, and one time Blitz boy Gary Kemp presents a two part series, charting the always colourful, often controversial, life and times of George Alan O'Dowd: better known worldwide, as Boy George.

From his 1970s suburban boyhood in Shooters Hill, right up to this year's latest Culture Club comeback, Gary charts five decades of George and his music. As well as crucial musical influences, the show includes plenty of hit tracks from Culture Club; George's varied solo work; his involvement in Jesus Loves You and the Ezee Possee; his second career as a superstar DJ; plus the creation of hit West End and Broadway musical Taboo. There's also musical content from the archives, exclusive to the show; including a never before heard take of Culture Club's first UK # 1 hit, Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.

As well as playing the music, Gary is joined by plenty of special guests, including all the other members of Culture Club: Mikey Craig, Jon Moss, and Roy Hay. Also sharing studio secrets and tales of touring are backing singer Helen Terry and original producer of Kissing To Be Clever , Colour By Numbers and Waking Up With The House On Fire, Steve Levine.

Other contributors include original Blitz kid and artist, Mark Wardel, aka Trademark; author and former Radio Times and Guardian journalist, Rupert Smith; DJ and dance guru Dave Pearce; plus musician, songwriter and long-time George collaborator Keven Frost.

But undoubtedly the star of the show is George himself, on great form throughout. As he says in the programme: "I do often ask myself, 'did I really need to go through all of that to become the person I am now?'; and there is no way of answering that question.... but I'm very glad I am who I am now.".