Things To Do In Four Minutes

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On the 50th anniversary of Roger Bannister's historic run, Tony Robinson considers other things which can be done in four minutes.

Option number one: run away from an H bomb.

With the help of cartoonist Raymond Briggs (author of When the Wind Blows); Del and Rodney from Only Fools And Horses and some vintage Peter Cook, he tries to work out what exactly we were supposed to do in the event of a Four Minute Warning.

He hears from Jayne Torvill how she and Christopher Dean nearly came a cropper when they couldn't cut down Ravel's Bolero to the requisite four minutes.

Remember the romantic swaying on the ice that started off Torvill & Dean's gold-medal winning routine in Sarajevo? We find out if they were evoking a heart-breaking passion or just marking time before Jayne's skate hit the ice and the clock started running.

Tony also remembers the classic short film London to Brighton in Four Minutes; tries to get to grips with John Cage's silent composition 4'33" and asks food writer Sybil Kapoor to come up with her favourite four minute recipe.