Theories Of Relativity

Specially commissioned stories to mark the centenary of EINSTEIN's discovery.

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AR01What Did Einstein Ever Do For Topher Quigley20050627

By Marianne Carey.

Car park attendant Topher Quigley shares a packet of ginger nuts and his personal philosophy with a time-travelling EINSTEIN.


By Finlay Welsh.

In the wake of World War II, and the development of the atomic bomb, EINSTEIN declared If only I had known, I would have become a locksmith.

This story evokes an alternative life in a parallel universe.

AR03Frames Of Reference20050629

By Patricia Hannah.

Mutual admiration can't bridge the space between them when Science flirts with Art in an EDINBURGH café.


By Douglas Young.

In 1919 a group of scientists travel to the wild Atlantic island of Principe to view a total eclipse of the sun, hoping to test EINSTEIN's Theory.

But they can't resist betting on the outcome and consulting with a shaman to ensure clear skies.

AR05 LASTSunseeker20050701

By Paul Magrs.

A retired scientist conducts a final physics experiment when she sends a postcard to her family from beyond the grave.