That's Mine, This Is Yours

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2011050420120426That's Mine, This is Yours|by Peter Souter|Cast|Juliet...|Tamsin Greig|Sam...|Alex Jennings|Amanda...|Eleanor Butters|Directed by Gordon House|Sam and Juliet are to divorce.|We join them as they meet to divide up their possessions in the house they've shared ever since they married.|As they discuss what belongs to whom we learn all we need to know about their characters, what drew them together and what has driven them apart.|We'll also learn if there is still some hope for them, even on the eve of their separation.|The early signs are not good.|They seem to have drifted apart and to have very little in common.|Their attitude to objects themselves tells us they shouldn't be together.|Sam is an avid hoarder and collector; not of anything of great value, simply things that he feels should be kept together.|For example he owns a single example of every toy ever given away with a McDonald's Happy Meal.|Some of the collections are interesting (he has the signatures of all 12 men who have set foot on the moon) but most are banal, even annoying.|His obsessions and childlike delight in small things, once so attractive and fun for Juliet, have begun to seem like immaturity and a denial of the important things in life.|Her drive and decisiveness, once so sexy and stimulating, to him now feel like coldness and self-obsession.|She has done well in her job and begun a new relationship with a wealthy lover that has led them to this day, to this parting.|And yet and yet..|Peter Souter's romantic comedy suggests there may still be some way back from the brink.|Alex Jennings, who starred in Peter's award-winning "Goldfish Girl" stars as Sam, and Tamsin Greig (star of "Episodes", "Love Soup" - and, of course known to R4 listeners as Debbie in "The Archers") plays his wife Juliet.|The director is the former Head of Radio Drama, Gordon House.|Peter Souter's romantic comedy is about a divorced couple dividing up their wordly goods.|Juliet....Tamsin Greig|Sam....Alex Jennings|Amanda....Eleanor Butters|Alex Jennings, who starred in Peter Souter's award-winning 'Goldfish Girl', plays Sam, and Tamsin Greig (star of 'Episodes', 'Love Soup' - and, of course known to R4 listeners as Debbie in 'The Archers') plays Juliet. The director is the former Head of Radio Drama, Gordon House.