That's Me In The Middle [Radio Scotland]


01Diana Appleyard2013011420130120 (RS)

Do you worry about growing older? Do you feel young in your head but the face staring back at you in the mirror no longer reflects that? If so, what do you do about it, accept it and grow old gracefully or opt for plastic surgery in an attempt to slow down the ageing process. Clare English speaks to Diana Appleyard about her midlife crisis and why she chose to go under the knife to improve her looks.

Clare English speaks to Diana Appleyard about turning 50 and having a mid-life crisis.

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We all know of someone who's had the proverbial Mid Life Crisis, they hit forty or fifty and suddenly the things that used to make sense don't. They find themselves at a junction; it's a sobering punctuation point in life where we take stock of relationships, careers and aspirations. Today Clare English hears Robert's story. As he approached fifty, he called time on "living a lie but the repercussions were dramatic for everyone involved.

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Approaching 40, single and with the body clock ticking, Jo Williams never realised the chain of events that would take place when she decided to get her fertility checked to see how much time she had left to meet her Mr right and have a family. Told she had a six month window to conceive with her own eggs, Jo Williams found herself backed into a corner with limited choices. Clare English hears about Jo's midlife dilemma and the tough decisions she had to make, asking Jo if she was naïve, brave or selfish to bring a child into the world through sperm donation.

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Clare English hears how dating expert Paula Rosdol met over 100 men to find her Mr Right.

We know the phrase Mid Life Crisis well enough- people hit forty or fifty and then all the things that used to make sense suddenly don't. It's a big junction where our choices can dramatically alter the rest of our lives..

Clare English speaks with dating expert Paula Rosdol. Divorced at 40 and approaching 50, Paula set herself a goal to be re-married by the time she reached that landmark age. Paula shares her tales of dating over a 100 men and gives singletons out there top tips to fine love...