Test Case


01Mr C20140204

Philip Palmer tells the story of Mr C.

Presented by Deborah Bowman, Professor of Ethics & Law at St George's University of London.

The case of 'Re C' is one of the most discussed legal cases in the world, because it changed the way we make decisions about our medical treatment forever. Those who were involved in the ground-breaking hearing, in 1993, remember the events vividly and with great affection. But it's unknown to the general public, because of the strange way the case came about... and because of the extraordinary character at its heart.

Closely based on interviews with those who were there, Philip Palmer's drama reveals the story of Mr C.

And after the three o'clock news, you can join the real-life participants, with presenter Deborah Bowman, as they discuss the case, and its legacy for us all.

Produced and Directed by Jonquil Panting

02 LASTThe Legacy Of Mr C20140204

Following on from Philip Palmer's drama, what became of Mr C, and why, twenty years on, does his case continue to be so widely discussed?

As Mr C's fate is revealed in the High Court's surprising decision, Professor Deborah Bowman is joined by a panel of experts, two of whom were directly involved in Mr C's remarkable story.

They share their personal memories of Mr C and discuss why his legal case continues to have such far-reaching consequences for us all when we're ill.

Produced by Beth Eastwood.