Tennessee's Women

A season of early plays tracing the evolution of Tennessee Williams' great heroines.


01* This Property Is Condemned20060123

A little girl in ragged clothes walks along the railtracks near her abandoned home.

She dreams of being like her late sister, pursued by handsome admirers.

But is this a suitable role model?

Willie....Maria Watton-Graham

Tom....Ryan Mccluskey

Abridged and adapted for radio by Anna Linstrum.

02* Something Unspoken20060124

A wealthy Southern woman has shared her home with her female secretary for 15 years.

Isn't it time they got round to speaking the unspoken?

Abridged and adapted for radio by Anna Linstrum.

03* The Long Goodbye20060125

After his mother's death, a struggling young writer clears up her belongings and recalls her unfulfilled life and the antics of his wayward sister.

Joe....Nick Sayce

Myra....Sophie Roberts

Mother....Elizabeth Mcgovern

Silva....Delroy Brown

Bill....John Cummins

Mover....Gerard Mcdermott.

04* * Portrait Of Madonna20060126

Lucretia Collins never quite recovered from her teenage infatuation with a handsome, indifferent young man.

As is seen when, many years later, he appears to be pursuing her ardently.

Lucretia Collins....Eleanor Bron

Mr Abrams....Gerard Mcdermott

Frank....Nick Sayce

Doctor....Geoffrey Beevers

Nurse....Ella Smith.

05 LASTWagons Full Of Cotton20060127

Flora's husband treats her with a mixture of affection and cruelty.

So when she fails to corroborate his account of a local plantation fire, how will he respond?

Silva Vicarro....Gerard Murphy

Flora Meighan....Clare Lawrence

Jake Meighan....Breffni McKenna

Abridged and adapted for radio by Anna Linstrum.

Director Peter Kavanagh