Tempting Faith



Today is one of the most important days in Martin's life. His daughter, Elizabeth, whom he has never met, has asked to meet him before she emigrates to Australia.

On this prodigious day, more than a little anxious, Martin sets off in his Dad's car bright and early, He is determined nothing can or will go wrong on this short journey to meet his daughter... despite the fact that catastrophe has somehow always dogged his best efforts at avoiding trouble.

But Martin has not anticipated coming in contact with the whirlwind that is Faith!

For Faith this is also a momentous day. She has finally escaped her Guru partner, packed her little car with all of her possessions and is determined to take control of her life for once and for all... when her car is stolen right outside the mall where she has stopped off for a coffee. Martin just happens to be parking in the next lot when Faith jumps into his car and demands he pursues the thieves in a high speed chase - needless to say neither of their days ends as either had anticipated.

But they have tempted fate, and it would appear they are destined to be together.

Writer - Sean Moffatt

Director - Eoin O'Callaghan.