Team Spirit

Claudia Hammond joins teams around the UK to investigate group psychology.



She joins the London Air Ambulance Service as they are called out to the scene of a teenage stabbing.


She joins the Jockey Morris Men to dance around Birmingham city centre.

They are preparing for Plough Day, one of the biggest dates in the Morris dancing calendar, when they drag a old farming plough around the city to bring prosperity and good luck for the new year.


She hears from members of a small research team living in the Antarctic.

Part of the British Antarctic Survey based at Halley Research Station, the 18-strong group are isolated from the rest of the world over the winter months as no planes or ships can reach them.

There is no daylight at this time of year and sometimes the weather is so bad that the team can be stuck inside for a month at a time.


She meets Bishop Lydeard under 12 girls' football team from Somerset.

They are a successful side who won the County League last season, but this year they have fallen to fifth place and face a difficult match against rivals Frome, who are currently second.

Prof Dominic Abrams, a group psychologist from the University of Kent, studies the developmental stages children go through as they learn to become part of a team.

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She finds out what goes on behind the scenes at a West End musical.

Dirty Dancing at the Aldwych Theatre has a backstage crew of 65 including sound, lighting, choreography, wardrobe, automation, stage hands, dressers and musicians.

Group psychologist Tim Hopthrow analyses their team dynamics.

How does the presence of an audience affect team performance? And why is the size of the team paramount to its success?