Tartan Noir

A series of crime fiction from leading Scottish Crime writers.


AR01Black And White2003091520040606

By Manda Scott read by Frances Grey.

The paralyzed patient in Ward 3 is Dr.

Elizabeth Stanton, Kelvin Award Winning Scientist.

She has only the use of her eyes, but she is determined to end a life, if she can convince the young medical student at her bedside to assist her.

AR02In A State Of Nature2003091620040613

By Denise Mina

A murder under the heat of Tanzanian skies.

A beautiful young woman is left rootless after her lover, a large, kindly and very wealthy man disappears mysteriously at a roadside petrol station.

The Mikumi police are without leads.

Denise Mina won the Gold Dagger for the Best Crime story of the Year and The Dagger for the best first crime novel Garnethill, the first of her crime trilogy.

AR03The Martyrdom Of Bunchy2003091720040620

By Hannah McGill.

A comic twist on the Tartan Noir theme.

A dog decides to take his murderous revenge upon a visitor to the house whom he particularly dislikes.

A martyr to the cause, as always.

Read by Crawford Logan

AR04Taking Care Of Mother2003091820040627

By Ron Butlin.

Short stories from leading Scottish crime writers.

Anna has lived a life of selfless charity.

She cared for her father in his declining years on the mission, and ran it after his death.

Now her mother is sick and she has returned to Scotland to care for the old woman.

Anna knows the meaning of good.

Her father has instilled it in his black workers and in his daughter.

And Anna believes she is good.

Anna leaves the mission in South Africa, returning to Scotland to take care of her increasingly senile mother.

The old woman could drive anyone, even Anna, to the point of murder.

Read by Michael Elder.

AR05 LASTThe Smell Of Growth2003091920040704

by Linda Cracknell.

Read by Frances Thorburn.

Growing up isn't easy when you're only ten.

Trying to be clean, good, and deserving, not covered in mud and doing the wrong thing.

A lyrical tale of petty crime.