Talking Turkey

Chris KELLY selects the very worst films ever made.


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Written and Presented by: Stephen Pile

Producer: Amanda Mares

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Producer: A.


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Broadcast history

25 Dec 1990 13:10-13:40 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1990-12-09

01Sweet And Sickly19900709

Harry Thompson (producer)

Kathy Stewart (Author)

Recorded on 1990-07-02.

02Epic Disasters19900716

Recorded on 1990-07-02.

03Great Miscastings19900723

Would you beleive Richard BURTON as Trotsky or Roger DALTRY as Franz LISZT? You ain't heard nothing yet.

Featuring: lisztomania, mary poppins, gable and lombard, mutiny on the bounty (1962), the assassination of trotsky, teahouse of the august moon, and mommie dearest.

Recorded on 1990-07-02.

04 LASTB Movies19900730

Producer: H.


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Episode 4: ""B Movies"".

The cheapest and tackiest extravaganzas of all time, from Piranha Women Of The Avocado Jungle to Teenagers From Outer Space.

Produced by Harry THOMPSON.

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light entertainment programmes (genre)

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Broadcast history

30 Jul 1990 19:02-19:30 (RADIO 2)


Chris Kelly

Harry Thompson

Kathy Stewart (Author)

Recorded on 1990-07-02.