Tales From The Home Front

Five stories about domestic life.


01The Wardrobe Mistress20020311

by Miles Gibson, read by Dora Bryan.

Since Harold took charge of the decor, the bedroom is called the boudoir.

02Break In20020312

by Susannah Jones, read by Helen Atkinson Wood.

Louise just wanted a little bit of money to pay her rent.

03A Power Shower20020313

by Erica Wagner, read by Teresa Gallagher.

When a wedding ring is dropped down the shower waste, is it an accident or a sign?

04Rosemary's Gift20020314

by Russell Celyn Jones, read by John Strickland.

05 LASTHope, Faith And Blue Charity20020315

written and read by Lolita Chakrabarti.

Hope Brown is the sort of girl who is not easily noticed.