Tales From East Anglia

Five stories by writers whose East Anglian identity is important in their work.


0101Master Of None20010910

written and read by Ronald Blythe.

A countryman applies for an unusual job, but must first get around the village to see who will speak for his character.

Directed by Ivan Howlett


written and read by Terence Blacker.

Beaten by economic forces, bureaucracy and, finally, animal disease, a farmer decides to sell up, while a Londoner arrives, dreaming of a swimming pool, an attic conversion and the good life.

Directed by Ivan Howlett

0103The Secret To A Long Life20010912

written and read by Ivan Cutting.

An old lady waits for a man from the Museum to come round and record her memories.

She realises that the past isn't another place, and that things can always happen to make sense of the events of long ago.

Directed by Ivan Howlett

0104Funeral In The Fens20010913

by Edward Storey, read by Glyn Dilley.

A music teacher born and raised in the Fens returns home for his best friend's funeral.

It is a sad opportunity to discover whether he could return himself.

Directed by Ivan Howlett

0105 LASTPassage Migrants20010914

written and read by D J Taylor.

It is late summer in a Norfolk seaside town, and casual workers and visitors ogle, make a show and prepare to move on.

Directed by Ivan Howlett

0201Boat Burning2004080920050403

Written and read by the novelist Raffaella Barker.

A funeral on the coast, recalling ancient traditions, serves to remind a family of what once brought them together.

Directed by Ivan Howlett

0202The Passenger2004081020050410

written by Sally Cline

On the train back to the countryside is a woman whose whole demeanour speaks of loneliness and failure.

But who is she and why is she so difficult to escape from?

Read by Janeena Sims

Directed by Ivan Howlett

0203Measuring Geraniums2004081120050417

Written and read by the humorist and musician Neil Innes

A crossword compiler, his head full of verbal conundrums, goes for a bike ride...

with unfortunate consequences.

0204Breast Meat2004081220050424

By Ann Gander

A widow, recently bereaved after a lifetime of make her own needs come second, takes a trip to Las Vegas paid for by her late husband's secret hobby.

0205 LASTOverlooked2004081320050501

By Nicci French

Out on a bike ride a mother and her teenage daughter come across a disturbing link with a seventeenth century witch drowned in a Suffolk pond.

Read by its co-author Nicci Gerrard.