Tales From A Near Continent


01The Restorer2002102820031026

by Matthew Kneale.

While restoring a decaying church in Rome to its former glory, Claudio ponders how he might do the same for his marriage.


by Chris Stewart.

On a Spanish evening, Pepe tells his grandfather's life story to a friend from England.

03Elenitsa's Marble Pillow2002103020031109

by Lucretia Stewart.

As tourists from all over Europe descend on her Greek island, Eleni dreams of love.

04How It Was2002103120031116

by Christopher Hope.

A small town in France is the setting for a jealous wife's fiery act of revenge.

05 LASTBloem In Brussels2002110120031123

by Marcel Moring.

An old man wanders through the multicultural streets of his native city and doesn't like what he sees.