Sweet Danger

By Margery Allingham, abridged and produced by Lisa Osborne.



Suspicions are aroused when three mysterious young men check in to a charming yet discreet hotel in the fashionable south of France.

Perhaps royalty has come in disguise? An adventure begins for Albert Campion.


Returned from France, Campion and his friends are on the trail of the Pontisbright mystery.

Where better to start than the ancestral Pontisbright lands in Suffolk?


Strange goings on in Pontisbright leave Campion and his friends determined to unravel the mystery.

For who was the shrouded corpse, with pennies on his eyes, laid out on the heath at midnight?


Clues are coming thick and fast.

A riddle carved on an old oak tree is the key to all, but what can it possibly mean?


Events take a sinister turn when the village doctor warns Campion and his friends to leave Pontisbright with all possible speed.

Why should the friendly medic look so scared?


Events have taken a nasty turn in the village of Pontisbright.

Campion has disappeared - possibly Shanghaied by the villainous Savanake - and his friends are at a loss.


In Campion's absence his friends are getting closer to the mysterious proofs of the Pontisbright inheritance.

They are only moments away from reclaiming the Malplaquet drum.


Campion returns to the game just in time to reveal the whereabouts of the Crown of Averna.


The sinister Dr Galley returns to play his part in the drama unfolding in the village of Pontisbright.

Campion must hurry if he is to save his friends.

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The proofs are at hand, the drum and crown are safe, and Hal Fitton is revealed to be the rightful Earl of Pontisbright.

All that remains is the Metternich receipt.