Sweet Charities

Ray Gosling takes a look at four small, but very different, charities.


01The International Bee Research Association20010102

In Cardiff, a handful of people create a hive of activity, disseminating the latest news on bees to a waiting world.

02The Northumbrian Language Society20010103

Were it not for a few enthusiasts who meet to celebrate their culture, this rich and beautiful dialect would be lost to the nation.

03The Bakers' Benevolent Society20010104

Established in 1932, the BBS looks after retired bakers in Epping. Will the society's future be as illustrious as its past, as supermarkets kill off the independent baker?

04 LASTThe Polite Society20010105

A bungalow not far from Slough is the hub of a small group committed to the promotion of good manners.