The Swamp Of Death

By Rebecca Gowers, read by James D'arcy, abridged by Doreen Estall



In February 1890, three young gentlemen set out from England for the backwoods of Canada, each hoping to make his fortune.

Within days, one of the men is found murdered in a Canadian swamp.


Douglas Pelly has agreed to invest in the Canadian farm business of one Reginald Birchall.

As the two men prepare to leave for Canada in February 1890, Pelly is alarmed to discover that they are to be accompanied by a strange young man.


It is March 1890.

Three young Englishmen have come to America, in the hope of making their fortunes.

Within days of arriving, one is dead and the other two are arrested for murder.


Reginald Birchall stands trial for the murder of Frederick Benwell.

Will newspaper coverage of the case affect the course of justice?

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Reginald Birchall has been tried for the murder of Frederick Benwell.

He and the international press wait to hear the jury's verdict.