Susan Calman Stands Up For Burns


20110130 (RS)

Burns was passionate and patriotic about Scotland, its people and its culture but many of his funniest poems poke fun at Scotland and the Scottish psyche.

This ability to laugh at ourselves and our misfortunes is a trait which has reappeared in the material of Scottish comedians ever since.

Let's face it, Scottish comedians carve careers out of self-deprecating humour.

Comedian and former Lawyer Susan Calman takes a look at the range of vivid comedy in some of Rabbie's most iconic poems and investigates how much the themes he was writing about over 200 years ago have stood the test of time and still make us laugh today.

From Tam O' Shanter and Holy Willie's Prayer to Address to a Haggis and To a Louse, the programme features poems by Robert Burns recorded by some of Scotland's best-known actors for the BBC's Complete Burns website.

Comedian Susan Calman looks for laughs in the poems of Robert Burns.