Supreme Girl Power

A series presented by Angie Stone celebrating the 40th anniversary of the top-selling 1960s group, the Supremes.


01Where Did Our Love Go?20050318

The Supremes were not an overnight success story.

01Where Did Our Love Go?20060927
02I Hear A Symphony20050325

1964-67: It was a time of amazing success, but major changes were just around the corner.

02I Hear A Symphony20061004
03 LASTSomeday We'll Be Together20050401

Motown plans for Diana Ross' solo career.

03 LASTSomeday We'll Be Together20061011

The Supremes were the top priority group for Motown, and became trend setters with their glamorous gowns and wigs. The show also reveals the plans to make Diana Ross a solo artist, the search for the new Supreme, and the groups lasting effect on the girl group sound.
With contributions from Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong, group manager Shelley Berger and Lionel Richie