Sunshine And Showers

Stories exploring the nature of our relationship with the British weather.


AR01Rainy Season *20080818

By DJ Taylor.

A producer on a daytime TV show wants to jazz up the meteorological coverage.

The new weather girl's delivery style is unique but not quite what anyone was expecting.

Read by Benedict Cumberbatch

AR02Goodnight Mrs Tanner *20080819

By Rosie Thomas.

A coastguard tries to persuade an old lady that her house on the clifftops is at risk from the approaching storm.

Read by Susan Brown

AR03The Comedian *20080820

By Toby Litt.

An old man takes advantage of the hot weather to try to get passers-by in a busy South London street to stop and talk to him.

The methods he uses, however, are extreme.

Read by Jamie Foreman.

AR04Green And Pleasant Land *20080821

By Alison MacLeod.

An encounter with an aspiring poet and the view of a misty moor give a young woman hope that her move from Nova Scotia to England has not been a terrible mistake.

Read by Rayisa Kondraki.

AR05 LASTThe Future Of Snow *20080822

By John Burnside.

Two men, rather than confront hidden truths, talk about the weather and the very real prospect of a future without snow.

Read by Stuart Mcquarrie