A Sunparched Country

Caroline Holmes discovers how Australians are adapting to the reality of climate change.


01Water Is Precious20080422

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world, and yet one of the highest consumers of water per capita. Over the past ten years, a profound drought has affected much of the country and has forced Australians to start taking water usage more seriously. What lessons can they teach us?

02Farming Waterwise20080506

Caroline discovers how Australian farmers are facing up to the worst drought on record and meets a man who thinks he knows how to protect Australian farmland against the problem in the future.

03Save The Soil, Save The Planet20080513

Farmers and scientists are looking at how old and degraded soils might be put to good use to slow down global warming.

04Changing Gardens20080520

How can gardeners cope with ten years of drought, the hottest summer on record and freak torrential floods?

05 LASTGreen Buildings, Cool Cities20080527

Caroline explores a pioneering generation of environmentally friendly buildings that are trying to change cities for the better.