The Sunday Play Black Chiffon


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701101]

by LESLEY STORM adapted for radio by MOLLIE HARDWICK with Flora Robson

Stephen Murray and John Glen The action takes place in the drawing-room of the Christies' house on Chelsea Embankment during three days in October in the late 1940s.

Shortly before her son Roy's wedding Alicia Christie , for reasons she hardly understands, is faced with the most serious problem of her life.

Robert Christie. STEPHEN MURRAY Dr Bennett Hawkins...JOHN GLEN Produced by JOE BURROUGHS


Unknown: Mollie Hardwick

Unknown: Flora Robson

Unknown: Stephen Murray

Unknown: John Glen

Unknown: Alicia Christie

Unknown: Robert Christie.

Unknown: Dr Bennett Hawkins.

Produced By: Joe Burroughs

Louise: Rosalind Shanks

Roy: Alexander John

Thea: Gabrielle Blunt

Alicia Christie: Flora Robson

Nannie: Marjorie Westbury