The Sunday Play


Genome: [r4 Bd=19700103]

The Raven

El Cuervo by ALFONSO SASTRE : translated from the Spanish and adapted for radio by JOE BURROUGHS

To minds which contain an element of guilt Time may bring strange revenges

Cast in order of speaking:

Laura, Juan's wife...JILL BALCON Scene set by DENYS HAWTHORNE

The action of the play takes place in the living-room of a villa in the suburbs of a Spanish city. It is night. There is snow on the ground. It is New Year's Eve. The time is the present.

Produced bv JOE BURROUGHS †


Unknown: Alfonso Sastre

Unknown: Joe Burroughs

Unknown: Jill Balcon

Unknown: Denys Hawthorne

Juan: Hugh Burden

Luisa: Marjorie Westbury

Pedro: Hector Ross

IneS: Joan Matheson

Alfonso: Richard Hurndall

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700705]

Hursham Rew

A trilogy by A. R. RAWLINSON

3- Today and Yesterday with Jonathan Burn

In this the final play Hursham Rew has become the property of the Urban District Council. The time is the present - a time when the past and the future come together at last.



Unknown: A. R. Rawlinson

Produced By: Keith Williams

Guy Penshott: Jonathan Furn

Selina: Gretta Gouriet

Mr Warrett: Denis McCarthy

Mr Skelp: Frederick Treves

Rosa Penshott: Martina Mayne

Otto Stonemont: Paul Hansard

Forbes: Antony Viccars

Howard: Brian Haines

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700712]

The Dead Secret bv WILKIE COLLINS freely dramatised for radio in four parts by FREDERICK BRADNUM

1: The Woman Who Vanished

Dr Chennery tells of the mysterious letter written by the dying Mary Treverton 15 years earlier.

Produced by DAVID H. GODFREY


Unknown: Wilkie Collins

Unknown: Mary Treverton

Produced By: David H. Godfrey

Dr Chennery: Peter Williams

Leonard Frankland: Brian Hewlett

Rosamond: Elizabeth Proud

Mr Phippen: James Thomason

Capt Arthur Treverton: Kim Grant

Dr Polreath: John Dearth

Mary Treverton: Monica Grey

Sarah Leeson: Margaret Wolfit

Andrew Treverton: Malcolm Hayes

ShrOWl: Alexander John

Genome: [r4 Bd=19700920]

The Shoemakers' Holiday by THOMAS DEKKER (1600)

A Pleasant Comedy of the Gentle Craft with Donald Wolfit as Simon Eyre , The Shoemaker

Music composed by JOHN HOTCHKIS played by THE WELBECK ORCHESTRA conducted by THE COMPOSER Adapted for radio and produced by RAYMOND RAIKES

This year may well be the quatercentenary of the birth of Thomas Dekker (c 1570-c 1641) (A second hearing of his play The Honest Whore: Oct 25. R3)


Unknown: Thomas Dekker

Unknown: Donald Wolfit

Unknown: Simon Eyre

Composed By: John Hotchkis

Produced By: Raymond Raikes

Unknown: Thomas Dekker

Sir Roger Oteley, Lord Mayor of London: Felix Felton

Sir Hugh Lacy, Earl of Lincoln: Philip Leaver

Rowland Lacy, his nephew: Denis Quilley

Hodge, Eyre's foreman: Charles Leno

Eyre's journeymen, Firk and Ralph GEOFFREY MATTHEWS: John Bryning

Jane, wife to Ralph: Eva Haddon

Margery, wife to Simon Eyre: Vivienne Chatterton

Rose, daughter to Sir Roger Oteley: Janette Richer

Sybil, her maid: Betty Baskcomb

Master Hammon, a citizen of London: Alastair Duncan

Master Warner, his brother-in-law: Godfrey Kenton

A Dutch skipper: George Merritt

Dodger, servant to the Earl of Lincoln: Denis Goacher

A serving man to Master Hammon: Antony Viccars

The King: Charles Simon

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701011]

Defence in Depth by PATRICK RIDDELL adapted by ROGER PINE with Paul Daneman and Sarah Lawson

'Alcohol is a drug. The majority can take it safety, a minority can't.'

A man who has inflicted grievous bodily harm on his wife is a difficult man to defend, even if he is suffering from the disease of alcoholism.

Produced by JOHN GIBSON followed by an interlude


Unknown: Patrick Riddell

Adapted By: Roger Pine

Unknown: Paul Daneman

Unknown: Sarah Lawson

Produced By: John Gibson

Charles Benton: Carleton Horbs

Helen Boutwood: Sarah Lawson

John Megarrel: Paul Daneman

Janet Ashton: Marjorie Westbury

Edward Ashton: Haydn Jones

Jonathan Fordham: Ralph Truman

Henry Falman -: Lockwood West

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701122]


Life is something with which Josephine is unable to come to terms. ' I wanted the knack of existing. I did not know the rules.'

The Ha-Ha. published in 1961, was Jennifer Dawson 's first novel. It won for her the James Tait Black Memorial prize.

Music composed by TRISTRAM CARY

Adapted from the novel and produced by MICHAEL BAKEWELL


Unknown: Jennifer Dawson

Unknown: Jennifer Dawson

Composed By: Tristram Cary

Produced By: Michael Bakewell

Josephine 1: Diana Olsson

Josephine 2: Elizabeth Proud

Sister: Hanna Pravda

Mother: Margery Withers

Mrs Maybury: Eva Stuart

Alasdair: Denys Hawthorne

Social worker: Nicolette Bernard

Helena: Rosalind Thomas

Tony: Glyn Dearman

Peter: Peter Bartlett

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701206]

Widowers Houses


Originally produced by the Independent Theatre Society in 1892. Shaw's first play. which treats of slum-landlordism in late Victorian London, and society's ignorance or complacent disregard of it, remains disturbingly cogent.

The action is set in Germany and London.



Play By: Bernard Shaw

Produced By: Joe Burroughs

William de Burgh Cokane: Geoffrey Wincott

Waiter: Wilfrid Carter

Harry Trench: Frank Duncan

Sartorius: John Phillips

Blanche, his daughter: Margaret Wolfit

Parlourmaid: Patricia Leventon

Lickcheese, a rent collector: Patrick Troughton

Narrator: Eric Anderson

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701213]

The Georgia Story by CONSTANCE COX with Billie Whitelaw

This play is freely based on the married life of Fanny Kemble , whose efforts on behalf of the Negro - long before those of Mrs Harriet Beecher Stowe-have never been fully recognised.

Butler's Island, Georgia, 1838. Produced by JOHN GIBSON


Unknown: Billie Whitelaw

Unknown: Fanny Kemble

Unknown: Mrs Harriet Beecher

Produced By: John Gibson

Fanny: Billie Whitelaw

Mr Ellsworth: John Hollis

Psyche: Fiona Nicholson

Jim: Earl Cameron

Pierce Butler: Peter Marinker

Tom Sully: Alexander John

Mr Lee: David March

Mademoiselle: Eva Haddon

Genome: [r4 Bd=19701227]

A House in the Square by PIANA MORGAN with Sonia Dresdel

Betty Huntley-Wright and Michael Gwynn

The action takes place in London between 1910 and 1965. Produced by DAVID DAVIS


Unknown: Sonia Dresdel

Unknown: Betty Huntley-Wright

Unknown: Michael Gwynn

Produced By: David Davis

Verity Winthrop: Beth Boyd

John Anstruther: Ronald Herdman

Lady Mountstephan: Sonia Dresdel

George Winthrop MP: Michael Gwynn

David Anstruther: Denis Goacher

Miss Waite: Hilda Schroder

Verna Mountstephan: Betty Hl'Ntley-Wright

Lord Mountstephan: Howieson Culff

Miss Brown: June Tobin