The Sunday Play - The Mystery Of Edwin Drood


Genome: [r4 Bd=19701004]

by CHARLES DICKENS : adapted for radio by MOLLIE HARDWICK

The story is told, with the words of Charles Dickens , by Francis de Wolff with John Gabriel

Denys Biakelock , Brian Oulton 'A mystery around a mystery,' for Dickens died in 1870 before he could finish the story. How did he intend it to end? Many have been the theories advanced to account for Edwin's disappearance, and to name his suspected murderer. Mollie Hardwick suggests yet another solution in the closing minutes of this radio play.



Unknown: Charles Dickens

Unknown: Mollie Hardwick

Unknown: Charles Dickens

Unknown: Francis de Wolff

Unknown: John Gabriel

Unknown: Denys Biakelock

Unknown: Brian Oulton

Produced By: Raymond Raikes

John Jasper: John Gabriel

Princess Puffer: Mary Wimbush

The Dean of Cloisterham: Hamlyn Benson

Mr Tope, the Verger: Timothy Harley

Canon Crisparkle: Patrick Barr

Edwin Drood: Malcolm Terris

Rosa Bud: Rosallnd Shanks

Neville Landless: Nigel Graham

Helena Landless: Isabel Rennie

Mr Grewgious: Denys Blakelock

Durdles: John Boxer

Deputy: Gordon Gardner

Bazzard, clerk to Mr Grewgious: Brian Oulton

A jeweller: Stephen Thorne

Lieutenant Tartar: Davld Valla