Sunday Morning With Cathy Macdonald [Radio Scotland]



Sunday Mornings With Cathy Macdonald is two hours of music and stimulating conversation taking a faith and ethics based view at the world we live in today.

Topical and where necessary provocative it takes the weeks events and breaks them down into what it means to the individual and our society's values and beliefs.

Complementing this are conversations with people who have something to say on how we live our lives; whether through their personal experiences, what they write or preach, or because they've dedicated themselves to making the world a better place.


Two hours of music and stimulating conversation from a faith and ethical perspective.

This Sunday, Cathy speaks to Canon Andrew White - also known as the Vicar of Baghdad - who explains why he's willing to face death for his faith.

And we've all had to seek or offer forgiveness at one point in our lives, Cathy will be exploring the nature of forgiveness and finding out how it can benefit us - that's with religious commentator, Martin Palmer, and founder of the Forgiveness Project, Marina Cantacuzino.

Head of Christian Aid Scotland, Kathy Galloway, gets us ready for Christian Aid Week and Holy Week.

Also, with the onslaught of one disaster after another in Japan, we find out what kind of spiritual or religious resources they have to help people through the pain.

Cathy gets the chance to see the world through the eyes of young homeless people, and she's also finding out why Sikhs are taking to the street this week.

Cathy Macdonald speaks to Canon Andrew White, also known as the Vicar of Baghdad.