Summer Taste

Series in which chefs evoke powerful summer memories for writers.


0101Missing La Merienda20070722

Irish-Argentinian chef John Rattagan cooks the dish which always makes writer Ruth Thomas recall passing out in an unknown city in Latin America.

0102Italian Ice Cream *2007072920080721

Ice cream manufacturer Dante Mansi's raspberry sorbet and chocolate ice cream reminds Charlotte Mendelson of her visit to Florence at the age of 17.


French chef Alexis Gauthier recreates a meal of tinned sardines, stolen potatoes and an unidentified herb, first eaten by Tim Pears when hitch-hiking in the south of France as a teenager.

0104 LASTThe Pastry Knife * *2007081220080725

Sophie Grigson re-creates the apple pie which reminds Tessa Hadley of her grandmother.