Summer Serial - The Scartet Letter


Genome: [r4 Bd=19970817]

Nathaniel Hawthorne 's powerful story set in 17th-century Boston, dramatised in two parts by Greg Snow. 1:

Hester Prynne stands on the scaffold awaiting her execution. Her sin is adultery, but who should take the place by her side? with Nigel Anthony , Michael Maloney , John Webb. Aubrey Woods , Siriol Jenkins. Melinda Walker, Federay Holmes , Eric Allan , John Church. David Holt and Julian Rhind-Tutt. Director Tracey Neale Repeat

Genome: [r4 Bd=19970817]

Unknown: Nathaniel Hawthorne

Unknown: Greg Snow.

Unknown: Hester Prynne

Unknown: Nigel Anthony

Unknown: Michael Maloney

Unknown: John Webb.

Unknown: Aubrey Woods

Unknown: Siriol Jenkins.

Unknown: Federay Holmes

Unknown: Eric Allan

Unknown: John Church.

Unknown: David Holt

Unknown: Julian Rhind-Tutt

Director: Tracey Neale

Hester Prynne: Deborah Findlay

Pearl: Caroline Graham