Summer Report

What is life really like in British secondary schools today? The media always pick up the dramatic, negative stories, but what about the numberless little events and individual personalities which make each week in the life of a school different from the last? Catherine Chanter, Head of Inclusion at a large British secondary school, tells a series of individual stories set against the details of contemporary school life.


01Philip's Story2004061320040619

Has Philip stopped coming to school because he has become so fat, because he has been bullied, or because his mother likes him to keep her company at home? An unexpected appeal from a friend to represent his class in an obscure event at Sports Day might make all the difference.

02Sam's Story2004062020040626

Sam's main goal in life seems to be to get thrown out of school, but when her behaviour really oversteps the boundary, she realises too late what permanent exclusion really involves for pupils and teachers alike.

03 LASTJosh's Story2004062720040703

It's two years since Josh's mother died and the anniversary falls on the day of his first GCSE.

How can the school help him through?