Summer Of The Aliens


Genome: [r4 Bd=19900421]

Director: Jane Ulman

Lewis (adult): Louis Nowra

Lewis (boy): Ben Pauley

Emma: Kathryn Dufty

Mum: Linda Cropper

Grandma: Dinah Shearing

Dad: Nicholas Eadie

Dulcie: Belinda Chikosh

Brian: Dylan Howarth

Mr Pisano: George Spartels

Mrs Pisano: Beth Child

Teacher: Peter Carroll

Programme Catalogue - Details: 30 October 198919900421

First broadcast on 1989-10-30

Producer: M.


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Lewis lives with his family in an outer suburb of Melbourne.

It is the summer of 1962.

The TV talks of UFO sightings & the danger of a communist invasion,

Subject Categories

drama programmes (genre)

Broadcast history

30 Oct 1989 20:00-21:15 (RADIO 4)

21 Apr 1990 14:30-15:45 (RADIO 4)


David Owen (Actor)

Paul Hunt (Actor)

Patrick Phillips (Actor)

Peter Carroll (Actor)

Andrew Tighe (Actor)

Linda Cropper (Actor)

Mary Haire (Actor)

Alan Tobin (Actor)

Harold Birchill (Actor)

Kathryn Dufty (Actor)

Nicholas Eadie (Actor)

Amanda Gallic (Actor)

Kevin Golsby (Actor)

Bill Conn (Actor)

Dylan Howarth (Actor)

Tyler Coppin (Actor)

Kirsten Mcleod (Actor)

Emily Nichol (Actor)

Carrie Zivetz (Actor)

John O'May (Actor)

Swabomir Wabik (Actor)

Anouska Ward (Actor)

Belinda Chikosh (Actor)

Vanessa Pohl (Actor)

Dinah Shearing (Actor)

George Spartels (Actor)

Annie Byron (Actor)

Beth Child (Actor)

Louis Nowra (act) [lewis (adult)

Ben Pauley (act) [lewis (boy)

Richard Buckham (Producer)

Recorded on 1989-10-25.