Summer Affair, A

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Programme Catalogue - Details: 05 February 199119910205Producer: P.|KAVANAGH|Description|From the novel by Czech writer Ivan KLIMA, set in his country on the eve of the Russian invasion.|Dr Krempa is researching into the process of ageing but his life is transformed by the arrival of Iva.|Produced by Peter Kavanagh.|Subject Categories|drama programmes (genre)|Broadcast history|05 Feb 1991 22:00-23:30 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|Timothy Bateson (Actor)|Pauline Letts (Actor)|Stephen Moore (Actor)|Michael Turner (Actor)|Brett Usher (Actor)|Nigel Carrington (Actor)|Ben Onwukwe (Actor)|Simon Treves (Actor)|Deborah Findlay (Actor)|Ian Lindsay (Actor)|Timothy Carlton (Actor)|Emma Gregory (Actor)|Gina Bellman (Actor)|Angus Wright (Actor)|Howard Ward (Actor)|Suzan Crowley (Actor)|Victoria Norrell (Actor)|Ellen Beaven (Actor)|Nigel Gearing (adap)|Ivan Klima (Author)|Peter Kavanagh (Producer)|Recorded on 1990-11-26.