Suffer The Little Children



As Britain's biggest child abuse inquiry ends, Gail Foley investigates how a catalogue of depravity and suffering was allowed to thrive unchecked across a string of children's homes in North Wales for more than a decade. What lessons must be learnt to protect vulnerable children from paedophiles?


By Wally K Daly A Priest, accused of actively encouraging genocide, has seemingly disappeared. Whilst officials from the United Nations interview survivors, others are determined that if the Priest is guilty, he must not be allowed to evade justice. Father Pietro Pascal....Geoffrey Whitehead Father Kyobi....Howard Saddler Judge Sternloff....Ian Masters Cardinal Keegan....John Rowe Bishop Santo....Alan Leith Jack Shoal....Tim Flavin 1st Witness....Sidney Sloane 2 nd Witness/President....Burt Caesar 3rd Witness/Terri....Josie D'Arby Boy....Nicholas Carter.