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More far-out freakery, including unreleased Dick Morrissey material in Live Freaks.


More far-out freakery from the show that likes to soundtrack your Sunday with a skronk.

This week featuring the selections of Ade from Clinic and live material from Donovan.


Jazzy treats from the archives of Canadian National radio in Live Freaks.


More far-out freakery from the show that likes to soundtrack your Sunday with a skronk.


Stuart chats to Brooklyn-based artist Oneohtrix Point Never about Garden of Delete, his new album of 'hypergrunge' electronica. Released via Warp Records, G.o.D. is his seventh studio album and reveals his love of sci-fi by introducing Ezra, an alien with a blog who handed the album to Daniel Lopatin (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) on a USB stick. The resulting music acknowledges the essential traits of dance music, but pushes through the cliches to find varied and intriguing sound world.


Stuart Maconie travels to the furthest flung corners of left-field music to create a playlist that makes you rock back on your heels with the sounds of newness and difference. Celebrating the best in psychedelia, adventurous electronica, avant-rock, cosmic creations, progressive, drone and general weirdness from across the decades. Each week Stuart features a classic album of experimental music and chats to pioneering artists laying the foundations for future generations.


Stuart Maconie travels to the furthest flung corners of left-field music to create a playlist that makes you rock back on your heels with the sounds of newness and difference. Celebrating the best in psychedelia, adventurous electronica, avant-rock, cosmic creations, progressive, drone and general weirdness from across the decades. Each week Stuart features a classic album of experimental music and chats to pioneering artists laying the foundations for future generations.

6MA Winged Victory For The Sullen20150802

Ambient duo A Winged Victory For The Sullen chat about performing at the 6 Music Prom and working with choreographer Wayne McGregor. This weeks featured album is a true classic of British music - Master of Reality by Black Sabbath and there's new music from Rozi Plain, Theo Travis and Circuit Des Yeux.

Strange, surprising Sunday evenings, the perfect journey to the Freakier Zone.

6MAndrew Weatherall20160306

joins Stuart to talk about his new album Convenanza. A dubby, funky, synthy record that was co-written by the Sabrettes' Nina Walsh, Convenanza shows Weatherall's wide ranging influences from the poetry of John Betjeman to the dance floors of East London.


Battles talk about their new instrumental album La Di Da Di and coping with the departure of singer Tyondai Braxton. Stuart's featured album is the first solo album by the Greek god of hair Demis Roussos and The Greek Side Of My Mind. Plus new music from Gurgles, Giant Claw and Nat Birchall.

6MBitchin Bajas20160522

Stuart chats to Bitchin Bajas about two of their recent projects; a collaboration with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, and a soundtrack to a documentary about the Moken people who live on thatched huts and rafts on the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand and Burma. Plus Stuart's featured album is Agarta, a live concert from Miles Davis recorded in 1975 in Osaka, Japan one of his final performances before a 5 year hiatus.

6MBlanck Mass20151011

John Power talks about his solo project Blanck Mass and how his track Sundowner came to be in the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. Plus Stuart features Bert Jansch's under appreciated Moonshine album and there's music from Steve Martland ahead of a Freakier Zone special next week.

6MCircuit Des Yeux20151129
6MEarly British Electronic Composers20160529

Stuart chats to Ian Helliwell, composer, instrument builder and author of Tape Leaders: A Compendium of Early British Electronic Composers. Focusing on analogue electronics from the 1950s - 1970s, Tape Leaders celebrates the unsung heroes of British electronic music history as well as more well known figures like Delia Derbyshire and David Bedford.

Plus the featured album is Holgar Czukay's Movies, his second solo album after Can and there's new music from Autechre, Legendary Pink Dots and Circuit Des Yeux's new project Jackie Lynn.

6MFestival Number 620150913

Stuart presents live music from Welsh psychedelic outfit HMS Morris and a teenage duo from Norfolk who go by the name Let's Eat Grandma recorded at the bijous BBC Wales campervan at Festival Number Six in Portmeirion.

The featured album is from 1956 and the debut from The Viking of 6th Avenue - Moondog. Plus Saisonscape is back - a seasonal commission for emerging experimental artists to perform alongside an established headline act. This time the theme is decay and the headline act is William Basinski, Stuart will be announcing the two supporting acts throughout the show.

6MHoward Eynon20151213

Howard Eynon joins Stuart to chat about his under-appreciated acid-folk album from 1974 'So What If Im Standing In Apricot Jam'. Born in England Eynon moved to rural Tasmania with his parents and made music reminiscent of his British contemporaries Syd Barrett, Nick Drake and Kevin Ayres but with the colloquial humour of an Australian. At the age of 17 Eynon travelled to Melbourne on his motorbike in search of fame and fortune and acheived success as an actor with a part in the original Mad Max film. At this time he recorded his only album, a gem of the acid folk genre released on a tiny label which was promptly lost to the mists of time, until now.

6MIrmin Schmidt20151220

Stuart chats to influential German composer Irmin Schmidt about his solo career following Can including his film soundtracks, operas and LPs. Schmidt studying composition with Stockhausen and Ligeti before forming Can in 1968, the group transcended mainstream influences fusing psychedelia, funk, new classical music and electronics which has left a lingering influence on popular music. After Can's decision to split in 1978, Schmidt began composing for film and TV and has sound tracked over 100 films. In 2015 he was awarded a knighthood - the Chevalier De L'Ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres - for his contribution to arts and culture by the French Ministry of Culture.

6MJethro Tull's Ian Anderson20160117

Jethro Tull's front man Ian Anderson joins Stuart to talk about the reissue of his 1976 TV special Too Old To Rock N' Roll: Too Young To Die. From on-screen antics with Billy Idol's girlfriend to fearing for his life during a turbulent flight, Ian recounts the stories behind the making of this aborted stage musical, which became a TV special.

6MJurg Frey20151206

Stuart chats to composer Jürg Frey about his wide, quiet soundscapes at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival where he is the composer in residence. Known for his simplistic approach to composition and precise consideration for the qualities in sound Jürg Frey is one of the pivotal figures in a new movement known as 'silent music'.

6MKink Gong20160320

Strange, surprising Sunday evenings, the perfect journey to the Freakier Zone.

6MLaurie Anderson20151018

joins Stuart to talk about her new film Heart of a Dog. Starring her beloved dog Lolabelle, it is in turns a deeply personal and abstract commentary on the world today. Heart of a Dog is Anderson's first feature film in 30 years and has been described by the New York Times as a "philosophically astute, emotionally charged meditation on death, love, art and dogs".

Stuart also features Vincent Gallo's 2001 album When and there's new music from Klaus Johann Grobe, mfo, Leo Abrahams, Midday Veil and Loose Tubes.

Strange, surprising Sunday evenings, the perfect journey to the Freakier Zone.


Electronic experimentalists Matmos reveal an album made entirely of washing machine sounds. Replicating a full wash cycle, Ultimate Care II is a continuous 38-minute piece featuring rhythmic chugs, spin cycle drones and rinse cycle splashes.


Stuart chooses a featured album by the illustrious Japanese noise maker Merzbow. Known for creating 70-minute juggernauts of harsh feedback and chaos, Tauromachine is Merzbow's most digestible album. Captivating swirls of white hot noise and violent low end appear in short palatable chunks, just enough to engross and develop without the nose-bleeding length of his more typical records. With a back catalogue of over 250 studio albums, Tauromachine is an entry point for those wishing to dip their toes into the dark sound bath of Japanese noise music.

6MMichael Rother20160103

Michael Rother from Neu! joins Stuart to talk about his music and a forthcoming tour. Rother played in a early incarnation of Kraftwerk and was a key figure in the experimental music scene in post-war Germany that has retrospectively been labelled krautrock. Michael talks about the neglect he felt after Neu!, his contentious relationship with Klaus Dinger and how his love of cats inspired the Katzenmusik album.

6MMike Patton And John Kaada20160403

Stuart chats to Faith No More's Mike Patton and Norwegian soundtrack composer John Kaada about their new collaboration of experimental cinematic sounds that dwell in the twilight zone where spooky and seductive meet.


Stuart chats to Norway's progressive avant-rock, psycho-pop, jazz-metal exponents Motorpsycho about their new release Supersonic Scientists: A Young Person's Guide To Motorpsycho. Plus the featured album comes from funky-free jazzers The Art Ensemble of Chicago and their 1970 soundtrack to Les Stance De Sophie and there's new music from Swiss trio Rusconi and harpist Joanna Newsom.

6MMy Life In The Bush Of Ghosts20150823

Stuart features David Byrne's pioneering album My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts. Written and produced in collaboration with Brian Eno in 1981, Bush of Ghosts combined African rhythms, electronic music and is one of the first examples of prolific use samples in music. Widely referred to as one of the best albums of the 1980s Stuart Maconie re-visits the cultural circumstances under which is was made and evaluates the critical response verses audience reactions.

6MOliver Coates20160515

Stuart chats to the cellist and electronic artist Oliver Coates about his new record Upstepping, his love for shortwave radio call signs and Deep Minimalism a three-day festival curated by Oliver celebrating iconoclastic music associated with deep listening, where there are no beats or percussion. Plus Stuart's featured album is Snowflakes Are Dancing by Japanese electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita who passed away recently. The best selling classical album of 1974, Snowflakes Are Dancing is Tomita's electronic re-workings of Debussy's piano and orchestral music.

6MPere Ubu's David Thomas20151004

Pere Ubu's front man David Thomas joins Stuart to chat about their mid-Western groove rock and brutality in Rocket From The Tombs. Plus David explains some of his famous sayings like self-expression is evil and why he thinks the whole of society would improve if littering in a public place had the death penalty!

Plus Pete Atkin's Beware The Beautiful gets the featured album treatment and there's new music from Paddy Steer, Meg Baird and Dungen.

6MStephen O'malley Sits In20151122

Stephen O'Malley from the band Sunn 0))) takes over the Freak Zone with a 120-minute sonic adventure to the furthest flung corners of popular music. Things get hot under the collar with Annette Peacock's X-Dreams, Stephen introduces an artist he describes as a female Scott Walker and there's speed metal from The Secret. The play list also reflects artists performing at Le Guess Who? festival curated by Sunn 0))) including a rare performance by jazz saxophonist Bennie Maupin.

6MSteve Davis: Snookerstar Dj20160417

Stuart chats to the snooker champion, weird music enthusiast and devoted record collector Steve Davis over a game of snooker. Steve's self-styled boring image as a straight-laced snooker star in the 1980s has been smashed apart by his love for far-out and freaky sounds. An increasing number of people are finding out about his love of the left-field from French progressive band Magma to Berlin techno of Surgeon and the American jazz-funk greats Steve comes out as the freak that he truly is. Now retired from the game, Stuart asks Steve about his burgeoning music career, his own radio show on a community station in Essex and DJing in front of thousands at the Bloc weekend. As BBC Music supports Record Store Day this weekend Steve shares his passion for vinyl and how the staff in record shops have had a big part to play in his diverse and beloved collection.

6MStewart Lee Sits In20150816

Comedian Stewart Lee presents the Freak Zone with an Edinburgh Fringe themed special. Stewart has attended every Edinburgh Festival bar one since 1987 and shines a light on some of its lesser-known characters and musicians.

There's music from folk artist Daniel Patrick Quinn who quizzes The Burrymen a thistly character seen only once a year, Arthur Smith declares I've Seen Your Arse backed by high brow sound artists Rothko plus great music from jazz singer Carol Grimes and established free form punk jazzers The Ex with Ethiopian saxophonist Getatchew Mekurya.

6MStewart Lee's Atp20160424

Stuart has a report from Stewart Lee's ATP, a cross-genre festival of left-field music curated by the left-field stand-up comic and lover of all things avant-garde Stewart Lee.


Stuart chats to the organisers of Supernormal, a happening for experimental art and music in Braziers Park, Oxfordshire. The featured album combines dark knotty classical music with jazz and the muscularity of rock. It's the debut record from Belgium's Univers Zero, followers of the Rock In Opposition movement which strove to contrast the commercial punk and disco of the late 1970s with dense challenging music.

6MThe 1950s And John Cage20160410

Stuart explores the alternative side to music in the 1950s through the words of John Cage. Featuring archive interviews and extracts from Cage's writings alongside his music. Cage's early philosophies have been captured in the book Silence: Lectures and Writings which is widely considered one of the most important texts on music of the 20th Century. In it he challenges the concepts of sound, silence and listening addressing questions which arose after his 1952 composition 4'33" which instructs the performers not to play their instruments for the duration of four minutes and thirty three seconds and encourages the listener to tune into the sounds present in their surrounding environment.

As part of BBC Music's My Generation uncovering the history of popular music a decade at a time, Stuart looks at how Cage's writings and compositions in the 1950s helped lay a new foundation for future generations and where Cage's impact can be seen today in the outer edges of popular music.

6MThe Comet Is Coming20160207

Purveyors of freak-out space funk The Comet Is Coming chat to Stuart about their new Prophecy EP, five tracks of super-charged psychedelic jazz punk mayhem from a trio of British jazzers known as King Shabaka, Danalogue The Conqueror and Betamax Killer.

6MThe Freaky Side Of The 6 Music Festival20160221

Stuart presents live music and chat from arch-drude Julian Cope. Themed around his forthcoming nuptials Julian performs something old, something new, something borrowed and... well the last one isn't exactly radio-friendly! Plus Portishead's Geoff Barrow joins The Pop Group on stage at last weeks 6 Music Festival in Bristol and there's more live festval highlights from The Invisible and Blanck Mass.

6MThe High Llamas20160124

Stuart takes a stroll through the unconventional corners of the music world. With live sessions and hidden treasures, treat your ears to a taste of the weird and wonderful.

6MThe Music Of Barry Gray20160327

Stuart presents the iconic music of TV composer Barry Gray performed by Charles Hazelwood's All Star Collective at St George's Bristol. Barry Gray created some of the most memorable music on British television and film from the 1960s onwards including Thunderbirds, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet and Stingray. His style combines big band swagger, sci-fi strangeness and soaring theme tunes. Conductor Charles Hazelwood is joined on stage by a stella cast of musicians including Jarvis Cocker and members of the British Paraorchestra.


Stuart chats to Chicago post-rockers Tortoise about their new album The Catastrophist which includes an intriguing cover of David Essex's Rock On. The featured album is Midnight Mushrumps by Renaissance experimentalists Gryphon, combining medieval English folk, skilled musicianship and the extended forms of progressive rock.