Strummer And Me



Written by Colin MacDonald.

In early 1982, The Clash, the greatest live rock band in the world, was in crisis. Their album had been panned and ticket sales for an upcoming tour were not going well. With tensions among the band running high, their manager hit on what he thought would be a great PR stunt: he took the band frontman Joe Strummer aside and told him it'd be good to disappear - to create massive headlines.

But Joe, fed up with what was going on, decided he really would disappear. He vanished with his girlfriend and no-one knew where he was until, three weeks later, he turned up in Paris. This play imagines what might have taken place during two of those 'lost' Parisian nights.

22nd December 2012 is the tenth anniversary of Joe Strummer's untimely death - aged only fifty - from a congenital heart defect. This drama pays tribute to the man and his music, and examines the influence on him of his mother's Scottish Highland roots.

Other parts were played by members of the cast.

Produced and directed by Kirsteen Cameron.