The Street

Tony Wilkinson presents a series of portraits of Britain through a week in the life of six streets.


Programme Catalogue - Details: Manor Street, Belfast19960123

First broadcast on 1995-07-11

Producer: T. WILKINSON

Next in series: THE PODIUM, BARBICAN

Previous in series: ST IVES

Broadcast history

11 Jul 1995 20:30-21:00 (RADIO 4)

23 Jan 1996 23:30-23:59 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1995-06-14.

Programme Catalogue - Details: Southfield Square, Bradford19960227

First broadcast on 1995-08-15

Producer: T. WILKINSON

Next in series: THORNTONS CLOSE

Previous in series: THE PODIUM, BARBICAN

Broadcast history

15 Aug 1995 20:30-21:00 (RADIO 4)

27 Feb 1996 23:30-23:59 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1995-08-03.

Programme Catalogue - Details: The Podium, Barbican19960130

First broadcast on 1995-07-18

Producer: T. WILKINSON


Previous in series: MANOR STREET, BELFAST

Broadcast history

18 Jul 1995 20:30-21:00 (RADIO 4)

30 Jan 1996 23:30-23:59 (RADIO 4)

Recorded on 1995-06-29.

0101Main Street, Thixendale, North Yorkshire19970629

In this eccentric Wolds farming village, Bruscoe the sheep thinks he is a dog, a vegetarian has just bought a pet pig, and the village shop lets children buy groceries at ToyTown prices. The locals are holding an arts festival to raise funds for a communal television aerial.

0102Lochend Road, Easterhouse, Glasgow19970706

Tony Wilkinson visits the vast public housing scheme on the eastern fringe of Glasgow as it prepares for the imminent visit of President Chirac of France, who wants to see how a housing cooperative has transformed bleak 1960s tenements into a vibrant and desirable residential quarter. They are also awaiting 12 million pounds from the Millennium Commission to revitalise the town centre.

0103Eastwood Drive, High Woods, Colchester, Essex19970713

Tony Wilkinson visits an out-of-town Tesco superstore which serves as village corner shop, bank, cafe, chemist, butcher, baker, clothing store and newsagent to the residents of the an upmarket housing estate which has been built around it. But these well-heeled residents are upset by a new low-rent housing scheme, the spread of drug dealing and the lack of community facilities.

0104Mansfield Crescent, Armthorpe, South Yorkshire19970720

Tony Wilkinson visits a 1920s mining village that survived the miners' strike but had to face up to pit closures in 1992. Now, with the pit set to re-open, only a handful of miners remain. But some colliery traditions live on: the primary school talent contest is won by a girl cornet player - wearing a pink tutu.

0105Leigh Road, Street, Somerset19970727

Tony Wilkinson visits a village dominated by the Clarks' shoe-making factory. As the locals face up to job losses, two former Clarks' employees have begun their own small businesses - making shoes and leather bags.

0106 LASTSt Ann's Hill, Wandsworth, London19970803

Boxer Frank Bruno went to school in the now gentrified St Ann's Hill when it was a blue-collar suburb. Tony Wilkinson visited it in the week Bruno faced Tyson for the world heavyweight title. The regulars of the Star and Garter stayed up all night to cheer on their hero.