Dramatisation of Mary Hoffman's spellbinding tale of Lucien, a boy, who by day lies ill in bed in London, but at night travels to 16th-century Bellezza, a Venice-like city.


2009090420090904 (BBC7)

Kirsten O'brien presents an hour of children's stories, featuring Stravaganza: City of Masks.

City of Masks.

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As Lucien lies ill in bed, he is transported to 16th Century Bellezza, a world of plots, deception and rivalry.

0220061225 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Lucien mysteriously finds himself transported from London to Bellezza, a Venice-like city.

0320061226 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Lucien discovers he is a Stravaganze, a wanderer between worlds.

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Mary Hoffman's spellbinding tale of Lucien, who travels in time between London and 16th-century Bellezza, a Venice-like city.

0620061229 BT=1850 (BBC7)

The city of Bellezza is ruled by the Duchessa, whose life is in danger.

0720070101 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Dramatisation of Mary Hoffman's novel. The Duchessa is in danger. Rolando Chimicci, an ambassador, wants to overthrow her and take control of Bellezza. Episode 7 of 14.

0820070102 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Dramatisation of Mary Hoffman's novel. A spy called Enrico hatches a plan that puts both Lucien and Arianna's lives in danger. Episode 8 of 14.

0920070103 BT=1850 (BBC7)

From the depths of her prison cell Arianna has a strange vision of Lucien.

1020070104 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Lucien visits Venice. Meanwhile Arianna has some surprising news.

1120070105 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Arianna's trial takes place. Will she escape the death sentence?

1220070108 BT=1850 (BBC7)

The Duchessa's funeral takes place. Who will succeed her?

1320070109 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Lucien is in trouble.

14 LAST20070110 BT=1850 (BBC7)

Events in London and Bellezza reach a dramatic climax and Lucien says goodbye to London.