Strange And Sundrie Stuarts

Historian Professor Justin Champion explores Stuart society.


01Coffee Houses20040614

The period between 1603 -1714 was an era of flourishing Court culture, but also intense religious debate and radical politics.

"For Men And Christians to turn Turks, and think

T'excuse the Crime because 'tis in their drink,

Is more than Magick, and does plainly tell

Coffee's extraction has its heats from Hell."

On the site of London's very first Coffee House, Justin armed with his Restoration copy of a London A-Z charts the rise in popularity of this drinking establishment which was introduced in 1652 by Pasqua Rosee, a Greek servant.

02The Tedworth Drummer20040615

Historian Professor Justin Champion queries one of most enduring stories of witchcraft in Restoration Britain - The Tedworth Drummer.

"I made all the search that possibly I could to find if there were any trick, contrivance, or common cause of it; the like did my Friend, but we could discover nothing. So that I was then verily persuaded, and am so still, that the noise was made by some Doemon or Sprit.".

03William Harvey20040616

"The examination of bodies has always been my delight, and I have thought that we might thence not only obtain an insight into the lighter mysteries of nature, but there perceive a kind of image or reflection of the omnipotent Creator himself."

Justin Champion examines the work of one of medicine's great innovators, William Harvey.

04The Hilton Gang20040617

"But heark! - who'r they without that force the door

With such importunate officious pow'r?

Th'Informer comes they cry, th'Informer comes,

'Tis Captain Hilton and his Myrmidons!"

Justin Champion hears about one of the nastiest gang of informers and spies during the Stuart era - The Hilton Gang.

05 LASTThe Maldon Grain Riots20040618

Justin Champion explores Stuart society, discussing the events which drove starving women in Essex to risk their lives and riot.