The Storyman With Andrew Clover

Actor and writer Andrew Clover interviews a different guest each week, encouraging his subjects to confront autobiographical truths by guiding them through improvised fairy tales


0103Ken Campbell20021002
0104Ross Noble20021009
0105Terry Gillam20021016
0106 LAST20021023
0201John Waters2004072220051116

In the intimacy of his apartment, the cult director of movies Pink Flamingos, Cry-Baby and Hairspray talks about his hopes, fantasies and fears.

Waters reveals he's scared of one thing - reincarnation.

He is led by a rat into an astonishing encounter between his parents and himself in another lifetime.

0202Tracy Emin2004072920051123

This week's guest is controversial artist Tracy Emin.

She tells a touching story, in which she's in love with a wonderful male - the only problem is that he's a dog.

At the end of the story, Emin tells Clover about how she feels about love, happiness, and losing her famous tent.

The anti-establishment British artist creates a hypnotic and moving tale in which she imagines herself as a tiny cat in love with a centurion who used to be an Alsation.

The liaison results in the hatching of eggs, containing human children, along the river Thames.

0203Steven Berkoff2004080520051130

In Berkoff's typically fantastic and thrilling voyage, Steven is led by Al Pacino in a monkey suit to the Jewish Wailing Wall in Jerusalem which has become a McDonald's.

Behind the Wall he finds his entire family of moaning relatives, whom he then brings to life with astonishing ferocity.

0204Laurie Anderson2004081220051207

An intellectual tussle between Andrew and multimedia performance artist, writer and singer Laurie Anderson in her New York studio which she shares with her lover Lou Reed.

Her story involves a meeting between her and her alter ego on the top of the twin towers in an imaginary futuristic Manhattan.

0205Matthew Modine2004081920051214

Andrew and film star Matthew Modine plot world domination from their room at the Chelsea Hotel.

Our story takes Matthew to meet Stanley Kubrick, at which point a series of shocking events unfold which go to the heart of the reason he turned down the Top Gun role.

0206Tony Parsons2004082620051221

The Storyman show has been one of the weird treats of recent weeks.

Andrew Clover has been visiting the workplaces of famous creators, and making them improvise fairy tales.

Over the last month, he's been at his own workplace - the Pleasance Theatre at the Edinburgh Festival - where he's been making up stories, every night, on the audience's suggestions.

We catch up with him there, where he has a mystery guest - one of the Big Names of the Festival.

Who could it be? Christian Slater? Louis De Berniere? Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson? Tune in and find out.

Tony Parsons goes into the future and we find him at his birthday party.

03David Walliams20060118
0301G P Taylor20060125

Actor and writer Andrew Clover invites his subjects to confront autobiographical truths by guiding them through improvised fairy tales.


Andrew travels to the most haunted hotel in Wales to meet GP Taylor, a former Anglican priest and exorcist, and the author of Shadowmancer, Wormwood and Tersius.

The works are hugely successful fantasy novels, translated into 43 languages and are all now in production with big American studios.

This is a wildly funny and irreverent tale, in which the 89-year-old Taylor murders a Satanic Jonathan Ross

0302John Hegley20060201

Andrew Clover talks to the poet John Hegley

0303Fred Deakin20060208

Andrew goes to the studio of cult musician Fred Deakin - star DJ, animator, and one half of the band Lemon Jelly, best known for their lush soundtrack to The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

In his story, Deakin journeys inside a gigantic strawberry, where he meets an important figure from his past.

0304 LASTIan Rankin20060215

Andrew travels to Edinburgh to meet Ian Rankin, the international best selling crime-writer and creator of the hugely popular Rebus novels.

Rankin says he's stuck.

He's contemplating the final book of the Rebus series and doesn't know what to do.

Andrew solves Rankin's problem in a most unusual way.