The Story Of Pop Radio

Noel Edmonds presents a four-part series tracing the development of pop music broadcasting.


01Across The Ether1997101820100706

The success of the prewar continental stations is remembered in archive interviews with pop radio pioneers Roy Plomley, Bob Danvers-walker, Max Staniforth and Charles Maxwell.

With rare extracts from the 1930s programmes of Radio Luxembourg and Radio Normandy.

02Roll Over Beethoven1997102520100707

Following the war, the BBC's Light Programme continued the popular format of the Forces Programme, and Radio Luxembourg became the `Station of the Stars'.

Featuring comments from Pete Murray, David Jacobs, Alan Freeman, Jimmy Savile and Brian Matthew, including extracts from shows they presented.

03Life On The Medium Wave1997110120100708

A look at the era of pirate radio from 1964 to 1967 when ships anchored around the coast of Britain filled the airwaves with a new style of pop broadcasting.

Featuring reminiscences from Tony Blackburn, Paul Burnett, Dave Cash, Kenny Everett, John Peel, Keith Skues and Johnnie Walker

04 LASTRadio Ga Ga1997110820100709

When the pirates were outlawed in 1967, the BBC set up Radio 1 while Radio Luxembourg continued to provide pop during the night.

In 1973, land-based commercial radio was launched and major cities around the country soon had their own pop stations.

Featuring contributions from Tony Blackburn, Kenny Everett, John Peel, Paul Burnett, Tommy Vance, Andy Peebles and Terry Wogan