Story Of Our Time The White Divorce, A

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Genome: [r4 Bd=19700910]The remarkable story of a woman's self-sacrifice so that another woman would have the chance to live again in a free world. Based on Monuments Are Not Loved by NINA KARSOV and SZYMON SZECHTER|Other parts EDWARD KELSEY and ANDREW SACHS|Written for radio by KONRAD SYROP Produced by CHRISTOPHER VENNING|(The strange wedding that set a prisoner free: page 8)


Unknown: Edward Kelsey|Radio By: Konrad Syrop|Produced By: Christopher Venning|Narrator: Alan Rowe|Szymon Szechter: David March|Nina Karsov: Elizabeth Proud|Nina's mother: Margot Boyd|Lydia Szechter: Jill Balcon|President of the Court: David Garth|High Official: Kerry Francis|Lieut Zbanski: Nigel Lambert|Prosecutor: John Bentley