Stories In The Stars


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Virgo the Maiden points towards spring. Canis Major is leader of the pack.

A seasonal reading for clear and frosty nights, when the skies sparkle with thousands of dots forming half remembered, almost traceable shapes. These are the stories behind the names and shapes of the constellations that pattern the night sky.

Stories In The Stars by Susanna Hislop is read by a range of voices and accents from around the country and the globe. It might be one of the stories that the great Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy assigned to them in his masterwork that became known as the Almagest, or it might be a personified first person narration from the constellation Chameleon having a grumble about the number of different names and imagined shapes assigned to him over the millennia.

From Greco-Roman mythology to the lives of the eighteenth century astronomers, this is a delightful miscellany which gives us a reason to step outside, look up and wonder at the magic lantern show above us.

Readers: Colman Domingo, Paul Copley, Maggie Steed

Episode Five:

Virgo - The Maiden points towards Spring. Canis Major is leader of the pack.

Abridged, directed and produced by Jill Waters

A Waters Company production for BBC Radio 4.