Stories From The Ilkley Literature Festival

Five stories commissioned by Radio 4 especially for the Ilkley Literature Festival and read by the authors in front of an audience in Ilkley last October.

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AR01Giving Ourselves Away20030512

By Robert Edric.

The tale of a world where overweight people fight for their rights.

AR02Winners And Losers20030513

By Anne Fine.

A dutiful son takes matters of life and death into his own hands.

AR03The Carol Singer20030514

By Lavinia Greenlaw An English lecturer teaching for a term at an American College is thrown slightly off kilter by the isolation and unfriendliness surrounding her.

AR04Three Tears For Mr Soup20030515

By Sara Banerji.

A retired Indian policeman visits his son and future daughter-in-law in England.

AR05 LASTThe Understudy20030516

By Sophie Hannah.

A chillingly plausible story about babies and parents.