Stopover Stories

A week of specially commissioned stories exploring the emotions and motivations of travellers forced to break their journeys.


AR01The House20070205

By Alison Miller, read by John Buick.

An old man experiences a range of emotions as he waits for the ferry that will take him the final leg of his journey - back to the house of his birth.

AR02The Monument20070206

By Jennifer McCartney, read by Buffy Davis.

An estranged couple must endure a long wait while their car is repaired in a small town in the deep south of America.

AR03The Journey20070207

By Tahir Shah, read by Nick Underwood.

A young man's ambition to travel overland to Timbuktoo takes a decidedly nightmarish turn.

AR04To The Island20070208

By Meaghan Delahunt, read by Patricia Kerrigan.

Overwhelmed by grief, a young widow decides to leave Edinburgh and immerse herself in life on the Greek island where she and her husband shared their holidays.

AR05 LASTThe Emperor's Warriors20070209

By Alan Spence, read by Simon Tait.

Fogbound in a Chinese airport, the narrator of the story finds that the sight and smell of the fog rouses memories of the peasoupers of his childhood, Glasgow in the fifties.